Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chicken Fluff

Well, the brooder has been scrubbed, disinfected, and put back together, and the chicks are back inside.  We had a look at their wings as we put them back in, as the comparitive length of the primary and secondary feathers is meant to be an indicator of sex.

No idea if it's true, but if it is we reckon we have 5 girls and 3 boys. 

The remaining 2 eggs have shown no sign of hatching, so we've dismantled the incubator now.   This gives us a bit more space, so we've turned the Brooder around so that it has it's back to the window (instead of its side) and we've been able to open the window to let some fresh air in.  

When we dismantled the incubator to clean it, we were really shocked  at the fluff under the floor plate. My goodness, how can 8 chicks cause so much dander in just 24 hours, especially as they are soggy for a large part of that time! 

The incy will be scrubbed and disinfected, and then put to one side ready for use again when we put some of the hopefuly-fertile Sasso eggs in in a few days time. 

I'm really, really, really tempted to slip a couple of other eggs in we've got it on.  But I've said that I'll wait until we have a space in the Garden Run before I add any more girls there.

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