Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Electric Mummy (Day 10 in the Chick House)

The chicks really seem to like the Electric Hen.

We've still got the heat lamp on as well at the moment, on low,  so we can gradually acclimatise them to the change.

It's day 10, and they now have well developed shoulder feathers.  The Rhode Island also has a teeny tiny tail,  I hope that doesn't mean s/he's a he as that doesn't fit in so well with what is required.  He's very adventurous, and seems to not mind being picked up - he often breaks from the crowd when we go into the shed, and looks up at us. I like to think he's asking to be picked up, but I suspect that really he's just trying to do a chick stand-off.

I can't take pics with the webcam at the moment, so I'll get round to taking my camera in the shed in the next day or two and will post some pics soon.

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