Friday, 26 March 2010

Learned behaviours

Pogo and Siouxsie started laid their first eggs while they were here in our garden.   They snuggled into the Aubiose in the Eglu nestbox,  picked out a few bits of poo,  and purred happily.

Mrs Flint, Norman, and BlueRing were already in-lay by the time they got here.  Yesterday evening, Mrs Flint wanted to lay an egg, and she proceeded to excavate much of the Aubiose out of the nestbox, and then she pancaked herself into the shape of the nestbox.   We put the Aubiose back in.

This morning, Norman is in there laying,  and she (I can't get used to referring to Norman as "she") proceeded to excavate.

Nurture, not nature then.


  1. Mrs Flint always did that from her very first egg.....sorry!

  2. Hi Sarah
    She's such a funny little chook! I wonder if she comes from a line of chucker-outers?? I didn't notice her doing it at the Allotment coop, but the nestbox there was a different shape, and more separated from the roosting area. I'll take much more notice when she goes back!

  3. She was the only one of the four Dorking hens who chucked it all out...the other three just did the normal stuff and made a hollow and laid their eggs!

    hens are funny things....