Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The brown chick isn't a Light Sussex, it's a Rhode Island Red.

I emailed the seller to ask if it was possible if it was something else and, if so, if she had any idea what it might be.  I explained it didn't matter, the chick would bekept and loved no matter what.

She said if it was brown, it would be a Rhode Island Red,  she keeps those in the pen next to her Sussex, and the egg must have got put in with the Sussex eggs by mistake.

These things happen, so there's no point being upset.  One of  the members on  the Omlet forum hatched some Silkie eggs last week, and three of the four turned out to be Transylvanian Naked Necks instead!  Gorgeous birds, and adorable chicks,  but not what she was after.

And a Rhodey means the chick is from a completely different bloodline, so  R and C can experiment with offspring, if they should want to.

Wonder if it'll be a he or a she?

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