Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chicks, Day 6 UPDATED

They are growing up so fast!

They spend much of their time alternating between eating and sleeping,  and we can see changes in their wing feather development just in the space of a couple of hours.

As well as doing a full clean out yesterday morning, I wiped the floor clean at least twice.  It doesn't look like it at all!

Our Electric Hen hasn't arrived yet. I phoned the company concerned yesterday, and was frustrated to hear that they hadn't yet sent it because one of the other items in the order wasn't available.   I had specifically said that if the item concerned didn't arrive on Wednesday, could they send the rest of the order as we needed the Electric Hen.   It won't be here until at least Monday now.

The chicks need a bigger area, they can't wait until Monday, so we're going to need to put them out with the heat lamp.  Not the end of the world, but we really didn't want to change the heating method part way.

UPDATED 2.30pm
They are now in the brooder pen in the shed, fast asleep.  We didn't want to freak them out, so we put a cardboard riing inside the circular pen, to create a kind of pen-within-a-pen.  This is slightly bigger than the lunar module, and we'll leave it in there until we see them moving around a bit more. 

I'll post pictures later. The light is a bit too bright for the webcam at the moment, because they are in a pen-within-a-pen.

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  1. Happy Spring!
    Lucky little chicks! You take such good care of them. Hope the stuff shows up on Monday.