Monday, 1 March 2010

Back from the Vet


Vet gave Pogo a thorough examination, and couldn't find any obvious break.  He did find that the hip and knee and possibly the pelvis were a bit askew, and this could be the result of overtreading.   (He also raised the spectre of Marek's disease, but said it was unlikely in this case, especially given the circumstances).

The area was hot, which indicates there could be an infection. So, the upshot is (a) antibiotics (Penicillin, DEFINITELY not Baytil in a hen so young) for 5 days,  if its an infection that will clear it up (b) keep her where she doesn't need to climb up into the henhouse or onto roosting bars (so Eglu is perfect) and if it's a bone injury it should heal itself within a week (birds bones knit together ridiculously quickly).   If she's still only on one leg in a week, take her back. In the meantime, watch out for other Marek's symptoms in her.

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