Monday, 1 March 2010

Spring Clean

Well, I scrubbed out the Cube,  took all the covers off the CubeRun so I could wash the rubber chippings,  and then decided I might as well do their Walk In Run as well.   Bit of a mistake, as doing everything in one go is quite a lot of work.  Still, the perches and the bench always look great after they've been pressure washed (until the Diatom powder has been puffed all over them anyway),  and the brand new Aubiose looks very bright and clean.

I also refreshed their dust bath,  and made up a small version for Pogo and her friend.  SilverRing used it immediately,  Pogo found it a bit hard to get into, so I gave her a hand.

The Garden Girls don't really like it when everything has just been cleaned.  Lily went and laid an egg, eventually.   About 15 minutes after laying, she decided to announce it, but she was also trying to eat at the same time.  So we had an ear splitting announcement for a few seconds, then it was muffled while her head was in the Grub, then ear splitting.  She strutted down the path screeching,  and SilverRing decided she'd join in as well, despite it being over an hour since I collected  her little egg.

Pogo crouched for me as well.  I was kinda hoping she wouldn't start laying just yet. As she's on Penicillin, any eggs she lays will be consigned to the bin - and if we can't tell hers and SilverRing's apart then both eggs will be wasted.

Pogo also touched the ground with her bad leg today.  She didn't put any weight on it, but her toes definitely touched earth.  A good sign, I hope.
It's sill lovely and warm outside. DH has scrubbed the matting that lines the inside of the big broody pen, so it'll have plenty of time to dry before we need to use it.

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  1. I need to clean out the coop again, but I need to wait for the rains to stop.