Monday, 1 March 2010


It's sunny outside!  There's a thin frost covering, but it's reasonably warm as there isn't any wind.

If it's still like this when I get back from the Vets I think I'll give the Cube a good scrub with the pressure washer.  Hopefully the Girls will have laid by then and won't be running around squawrking (sp?) because they can't get into their nest box.

DH is doing the Allotment birds today, which means mucking out two coops; and he's fitting a nestbox divider to the Dorkings' coop. He won't be back in time to go to the Vet with me.
EDITED TO ADD: He fitted the divider, but Mrs Flint was still able to lean round an bop the other Girls on their heads,  so he's now made a second version which completely separates them. Hopefully this will give the youngsters some peace.

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