Friday, 19 March 2010

Pogo, update

Took Pogo to the Vet today.
She's putting weight on her lame leg, and is hobbling rather than pogo-ing. But we noticed that her foot was twisted in,  and we wanted advice from the Vet on the prognosis.

The problem is with her tarsal, and she will always be lame and have trouble walking.  How well she'll cope with life, ladders, and a lusting cockerel, only time will tell.  She may be fine in those regards, she might not.    Everything else about her is fine. She's eating well, looks bright, her poos are perfect - she helpfully provided a sample on the Vet's table,  and she's started laying.

So, she's back in with her sister (who made a complete racket from the moment Pogo was taken out to the moment Pogo was put back), and we'll leave her in the Eglu in the garden for a week or so to give her time to rally get adjusted to her leg.     Once she is stronger,  we'll try putting them both back in with the other 3 allotment girls, and we'll see how she manages there. 

We don't have a cockerel in with them at the moment, so we can see how she deals  with normal daily life - the ladder to climb and her possibly-unsympathetic sisters and mum.  If that all goes OK, we can see about reintroducing a cockerel. Eventually.

I did consider keeping her with our garden girls, especially as Jasmine's untimely death has given us a vacancy.  But she'd still have a ladder to climb,  and our FOUR girls are likely to be even less tolerant than Pogo's sisters.

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