Thursday, 2 April 2015


April is a busy birthday month.

I'd made a card for my granddaughter (see previous post), and then I saw some fabric on a Facebook Fabric site and I decided to make her something from them

I used BigDreamsEmbroidery's reversible "Ribbon Romance" banner. I picked the largest size, 6 inches square, which was a bit too big really.

I used washaway stabiliser, which meant a much cleaner edge finish, but I did stuff a smaller piece of tearaway stabiliser in the centre (not to the edge) to add some protection for the sewing of the name.

I wish I hadn't, as it feels artificially stiff now. 

Never mind, it's done.

I wanted to make a card for my friend Sandra.  However, I'd already bought a card for her ages ago.  I looked at the card I'd bought, and I really liked it.  I thought about embroidering inside the card, but I could see that ending in disaster.

In the end I decided to do an embroidery of her name and to stick it into the inside of the card.  I had a brilliant of using FilmoPlast (a sticky-on-on-side stabiliser), but using it upside down.What a great idea!  I could then peel off the paper and use the sticky side to stick the design to the card.

The first time I tried it, all went well. Until the "d" was sewn, and chewed the stabiliser to shreds.

The second time I tried it, I put stabiliser on top of the FilmOPlast. All went well. Until I tried to remove the backing paper and the whole thing fell apart.

The third time I tried it, I put stabiliser underneath the FilmOPlast. All went well until I discovered that I didn't have enough stick to stick the name, and then it started to unravel.

By now I was going off the idea.   I am, however,  stubborn tenacious, and I really like to be able to overcome problems. 

The fourth time I tried it,  I sewed on to stabiliser, cut it out with pinking shears, and glued it.

It's my great-Niece Thea's birthday shortly, so I need to work on something for her next.

Cup of tea and a break first.

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