Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bathroom continues

Yesterday was Diamond Club Day at B&Q where old farts, who have registered, get 10% off their purchases.   We've done quite a bit since one of us (not me) was eligible and registered, and the 10% discount has been really useful.  It does mean that we tend to "save" any B&Q shopping to Wednesdays.

Last week DH went to buy the hardboard for under the new floor. The cutting machine was broken, so he didn't buy any.  We waited until yesterday to go back and try again. .  (Such discipline was previously unknown!)

We had other errands to run, including doing the allotment chooks.  It had been 3 days since we last did them (OC, Other Chap, did them on Monday and Tuesday), and they were very excited to see us.  SSpecifically, they were very excited to see the Grape Lady.   They were disappointed.

We got back home to find that the bathroom supplier had phoned to see if we would be in to take delivery of our sink and vanity unit (tap hadn't arrived yet), as they were delivering to our village anyway.  It turned out they had popped it on their van just in case, but we weren't in when they tried.

Luckily for us they were due back in the village today, and at 8am they delivered two enormous boxes.  The unit was fully assembled and really well packed.  The basin was packed to withstand being thrown from a height!        DH even managed to unpack and put the polystyrene in the bin before the bin men came.

Very exciting.

Yesterday, we discussed the floor.  DH favoured straight.  I favoured the more laborious angled.   We both concurred that straight horizontal was out, and angled -45 degrees was out. The Karndean site has a helpful interactive viewer, but it's not the same as seeing it in your own bathroom.  They do have an app for that, but it is an i-app so no use to us.

DH laid out some of the pieces so we could (try to) agree.   We could only lay where the existing harboard was, and we had to overlap some of the planks to get them to fit in (no cutting until we were laying for real).

I took photos so I could review later.  When I reviewed the photos this morning, and compared them to Karndean's, I got similar feelings about both sets.

First, +45 degrees.
 Here's the Karndean version...
Karndean's photo
+45 degrees - a direct line to the loo

 It looked OK, but it meant that the "planks" were acting as a corridor from the door across to the toilet

 Next, angled the other way -45 degrees.
Karndean -45 degrees
-45 degrees. Better than expected

 I didn't hate it. I quite liked it.

Karndean Straight

 Hmm. No. It was really...dull.

Finally, we tried straight 90 degrees (which is the way the original floorboards ran).

Karndean - straight horizontal

Straight +/-90 degrees
  Unexpectedly,  I quite liked it.Of course it was different depending on whether I was standing at the doorway or actually standing in the bathroom.

By the time we'd done all 4, I couldn't tell what I liked.  I'm glad I have the photos to look at.

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