Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cream crackered

Just got back from 4 hours with the allotment chooks. It was a gorgeous morning, so we decided today would be The Day.  We loaded the car - pressure washer,  generator, strimmer, knapsack sprayer, Poultry Shield,Stalosan, Diatom, Face mask, shower cap, gloves, cloths, bottled water... and set off.

Big Shed first, as this takes the longest to dry;  then Mrs' wooden coop (We still call it that, even though Mrs has been dead for some time),  Empty, clean, Poultry Shield, leave to dry.   Then pressure wash the roosting bars and poo trays,  then Poultry shield the nest boxes from the Shed.

Next, the new coop,  finally the Cube.  

Henry took his wives for a stroll outside the allotment, but the noise of the generator, and the growing pile of poo trays, nest boxes and roosting bars, bothered him. The final straw was when I started pressure washing the roosting bars, I think the noise was too much.

 DH was busy strimming,  so Henry kept his Ladies away from that side of the allotment too.

The Cube was dry first and was Stalosaned and Diatomed, and filled with fresh Aubiose.   Next, the new - home made - coop was puffed and filled;  and then Mrs' coop.   The large nestbox in Mrs' coop was immediately occupied by a broody black chook.

Henry was happy when the generator was turned off, and took a section of his harem out for a wander.  The netting was down,  and we saw him wandering round the perimeter.   The promise of corn brought him and most of his wives back,  just one little escapee had to be fetched.

We did all the other little bits and started to put stuff back in the car,  and then I was able to put the shed back together.  Two more broodies occupied nestboxes in the new coop.  I hope the ones we want to collect eggs from don't go broody.

It all looks and smells lovely.

It'll last for a day or two.

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