Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cop this

I've posted off DGD's card, present and hanging thing. It seems like months ago that I made them. She;s the last April birthday so, in an attempt to keep on track, I looked at May.

The other day one of the big embroidery designs retailers had a fantastic sale. While I was on the website, I did actually search - unsuccessfully -  for a couple of things for upcoming birthdays.   I eventually found something suitable on another site, so I was ready.

It's DH's BIL's birthday in early May. He's been learning to fly a helicopter, so I had sought out a 'copter design.   There were more than I expected, including some very realistic ones. I have no idea what the model of helicopter is,  so I decided to play safe and go for something a bit more 'toony. 

It was a low stitch count, so I decided to try it straight on to the card.

Hopefully he'll appreciate the thought and effort, even if he thinks the pic is naff.

My back is playing up today, so no more sewing for a bit.  I'm going to do a bit of fabric research for a Happy Birthday banner instead.

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