Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Florence, RIP

We hatched our Australorp Florence on 27.05.2010 from eggs bought from Castle Farm.  We'd been to buy two Welsh Black hens, Rose and Ruby,  and I bought a couple of Australorp fertile eggs while I was there. She was the only one of the two eggs which hatched.

She was ENORMOUS, but had no concept of just how big she was.  When under pressure from another chook she would run away shrieking, with the ground trembling under her feet.

She was black, with the most gorgeous purple sheen. She had the most wonderful dark eyes.


Along with her sisters, she endured the tyranny Milly.    Florence didn't particularly like to be handled,  but in the last few months she was happy to eat out of my hand and to be stroked.

She surprised us by coming back in to lay this Spring. 

She was a lovely, gentle giant.

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