Sunday, 19 April 2015

Quick grape.

Our allotment girls aren't showing any signs of worms, but it's supposed to be a good idea to worm them a few times a year anyway.

We use Flubenvet.  Sometimes we buy the marriages pellets which have the Flubenvet already mixed in.  This time, however,  everyone had not long transitioned to Breeders Pellets, and would shortly be transitioning back to Layers,  and I didn't want to introduce yet another type of pellet.

I went back to the grape method.

I calculated that each chook needs about 1.2g of this particular strength of Flubenvet over the whole of the 7 days.  (It's only an approximate calculation, because the chooks are all different sizes).  With 17 on the allotment to be done, I found it easier to round it up to 1.4g and divide by 7 to give me the doseage per hen per day.   I then multiply this bythe number of chooks, 17, meaning I weigh out 3.4g of powder into a teeny tub each day.   I have a set of those highly accurate scales that jewellers (and druggies?) use.

At the allotment, I quarter a load of grapes lengthways, put some in the tub, put the lid on, shake it.

I then have my pre printed spreadsheet with the chooks names on, and I proceed to ensure that each chook gets a piece.  It's not too bad if I divide them up - some are shut outside on the grass,   some inside.  Sometimes we corral a few and do them.   I refill and reshake as necessary.  Sometimes a chook will get two pieces, f they steal from someone else.   When I'm done, I chop up a few more un-powdered grapes and give them out too.

It works well. The Girls adore grapes.

By day 3 I find that most of those Girls who normally refuse to eat out of my hand are happy to do so.  

Henry sometimes hinders.  He'll take his bit of grape and, instead of eating it, he lets it dangle from his beak until one of his haem steals it.  Sometimes he holds it, waits until he has acrowd of adoring girls (adoring the grape, sadly for him) before droping it and stepping back to watch the rush.

I always make sure I give him some unpowdered grapes to use as well. He likes to be his flocks Provider and, because he's such a good natured boy, I'm happy to help.

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