Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cry Baby Bunting

Apologies if I have already mentioned this.

Yesterday was the first birthday of my Great Niece, and her parents had a party for her.  As her birthday present, I made her some bunting with her name on.    I didn't want to use all pastel colours, but somehow I ended using a lot of pink, and the end result was not particularly harmonious. 

I realised that, because I had used capital letters,  the name was reversible apart form the E.  I had a flash of inspiration when I realised that I could make the E reversible by putting bunting holes in the bottom as well so it could be turned over and upside down.

I had also had the bright idea of making the first letter from a bigger alphabet, like a capitalised capital , but I hadn't factored in that the name was strung from the top, so in the end it looked a bit...odd.   By the time everything, including the hearts and bows, were done,  I had had enough of said bunting, and I couldn't face re-doing the first letter.

I'm getting a sense of deja vu (or whatever the typing equivalent is), I'm sure I wrote about the false finishes.

The end result was OK.

I also made her a card with an appliqued "1" in beautiful baby-appropriate fabric.
I was going to post a picture of both, but have discovered that I didn't take one of either.


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