Monday, 20 April 2015

Bish bosh

This morning I decided to get on and do the stool.

My fabric offcut wasn't quite long enough.

I considered waiting for the fabric for DH's chair to arrive.  And then I decided that I would use the side bits cut from my chair's cover, to extend the piece I had.
I carefully, painfully,  pattern matched and pinned.  The fabric was right side to right side but, as I have limited spatial awareness, I could not turn it round in my mind's eye to work out where I had to sew to ensure it would work. I had to do some tests on some scraps to get it right, and then apply that to the real fabric.

Whatever I did, it worked BEAUTIFULLY.    Very pleased.  Wish I'd taken a pic.

I then managed to get the seat cushion covered fairly quickly, without any instructions.  Bish  Bosh.  Well, ish.

I didn't pin it all in one go.  I pinned a but, then sewed, then checked, then pinned another bit.   This gave me a bit of a problem when it came to sewing the second (and third and fourth) bits,  but it was relatively quick and painless.  

I applied some of my learnings from the chair, and was pleased with the result.

Just the horrible chair to go.

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