Thursday, 30 April 2015

A little gift

Poppy has been sitting under the shrubs.  Its eerily silent, and I'm absolutely sure that she knows she is the only hen in the garden.  She's not hunched up, but she is sitting very small.  I fed her some fish, which she ate, and some pellets, which she didn't.  

She needs company, but she also needs to be fit enough to meet (or re-meet as it will technically be) a new friend. Saturday, maybe.  Don't want to rush.

I decided I'd clean out underneath the Cube, as I could keep an eye on her from there and she might feel a bitless..alone.  I did the job quite quickly. I suspect I had temporarily detatched my mind, so I didn't have to think about it too much.

When that was done, I decided to empty the Cube. That way it would all be done and finished.  I pushed back the roof of the Cube. In the nest box,  an egg from Lotti.

I cried.  I carried on clearing up, getting cross with myself for the blubbing because it won't bring them back. It subsided eventually.

Later, I had to go out so I moved Poppy back into the Go run.  On my return, she was right at the back and wouldn't come out. So I lay on the grass to chat to her, and we shared a bunch of grapes.

She's dozing quite a lot.  It's warm where she is, and I guess she must be in a bit of pain.  The Vet didn't want to prescribe painkillers for her,  but I'll see how she goes.

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