Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Lotti, RIP

Lotti was an Exchequer Leghorn,  and was hatched (along with Poppy and the current harem) in 2012.

She damaged her foot early on, and we weren't sure how well she would do.  She didn't let the disability hinder her, and she was destined to join the Garden Girls as soon as we knew she was female.

She was flighty, loopy, and very vocal.  She was botton of the pecking order, and her floppy comb and wattles made her an easy target. 

She was very tame, flew on tgo my arm as soon as I outstreteched it, and was happy for me to pick her up and cuddle her.   She was absolutely lovely.

I named her Lotti, short for Borlotti, because of her markings.  She had a very definite personality, would run around screaming if aany of the other birds looked at her.   She insisted on having the entire nestbox area (not just the nestbox) to herself, and would shriek continuously until she got what she wanted.  She liked to build her own nests, and two years running built nests in the Pampas grass.

Inseparable from Poppy,  together I called them Poppylicious and Lottipops.

She was absolutely loopy, mad as a box of frogs.


I can't believe she's gone.

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