Saturday, 25 April 2015


As a result of a chat with DSD, I decided to make something to send to my youngest DGD.  I had some fabric squares with a Frozen theme, turns out she still likes said film, and she'd missed out on having anything made for her birthday as I wasn't making things for other people back then.

I was pleased with my first attempt, although I decided that I should have done it with the fabrics the other way round (swapping the lining with the outer).  The second attempt was great, but when  was wrapping it, I spotted some dodgy stitching, I presume I hadn't quite lined it up properly. 

So, my 3rd attempt. My last few pieces.
It looked fine. Ididn't have any suitably coloured ribbon, so I made little loops from an offcut of fabric. .

  I decided to have a go at embroidering her name on the inside piece. this has to be done before anything else, and I wasn't quite sure how this would turn out.  I played safe and did it in a colour that blended in to the background, just in case.
 No more Frozen fabric left!

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