Friday, 3 April 2015


The Naproxen is working well today.

House presentable.
Visited Costco to buy some cider,

Finished birthday present for Great Niece.

Actually, it was only when I was attempting to assemble it I realised that I had been premature in whipping the last few pieces off the embroidery machine: the eyelets hadn't sewn in the last 2 pieces.  I  cursed, and adapted a design so I could do a placement stitch (so I knew where to place the item) and then straight to the eyelets.

All done, stabiliser dabbed off, I carried on.  And found that the last piece - actually the middle piece of the banner -  was also eyelet-less.  Not quitesure how I missed that, but I had to fix that too.  While it was sewing, I realise that, by luck of her name,  every item on the banner was reversible. Except the E.   That meant that her mum and dad would have endless variations they could choose for the look of the banner.  Except for the E.

I twiddled in in my hands.

I realised that if I put eyelets in the bottom as well, it could be reversed by turning it upside down/  So, back to the software to create a placment template and eyelets. And sewed.   I couldn't find the cotton byds to dab the "WSS" (water soluble stabiliser) off the back of those last two pieces, so I used the tap.

B I G   M I S T A K E.

There is, of course, WSS in the middle of the sandwich of fabrics.  There is now mush in the middle.  I've put the offending two pieces on the radiator, in the hope that they will dry better than they currently look.

Meanwhile the rest of the banner is sitting on the worktop,  half on and half off the ribbon.

When it's dry and done, I'll post a pic.  Probably. Maybe.

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