Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Roobarb, RIP

Roobarb was a bonus.

We bought two Welsh Black hens, Rose and Ruby,  from Castle Farm. On the way home, one of them laid an egg.  As we were incubating anyway (and I had bought a couple of Australorp eggs), we popped the egg into the Incubator.

The resulting hen was absolutely stunning, with absolutely amazing green legs (which stayed green throughout her life).

Every year she would moult, and her regrowth grew more coppery each year.    She made the strangest of noises,  would NOT be caught, and was reluctant to eat from my hand.  She was, however, a calm and kindly girl.   She had some rooster tendencies,  digging up treats and gurgling for the others to come and take a look.

She even tried to crow occasionally.

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