Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Before - with old cushion cover in place
 I've done both chairs now!

For the second, more difficult chair, I used the same principles as I'd learned doing the other one, plus a bit of messing about.

Instead of a wooden frame and Velcro, like the modern Poangs, it has a fabric back, and the back has to slide over it.

Before - without cushion
I had to use a scrap of fabric, some pins, and my phone (acting as the chair cushion) to work out what order I needed to sew things in, so that the end of the cover that slipped over the back was over the cover that came up from the bottom.  (Sew the one you want to be dominant, first).

And I wanted to add extra strength so I used double fabric on that bit, and I couldn't work out which way to fold it to double it.

I expect one day that this will become second nature,

Here is it (on the right of the two chairs).I've cunningly photographed it to hide the base of the chair, which protrudes slightly.  This is the same colour as the original cover, so isn't particularly noticeable then.

It's a bit of an eyesore on the new one, so I expect I shall sew something to cover it up (and stick it to the chair base with Velcro or something)  DH isn't keen, so I'll have to wait til he's not looking.

I haven't rounded the corners on this one, as the cushion has squarer corners.

Here's the set.

I did a little Dance of Victory  after taking it.

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