Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bathroom break

I think I mentioned our bathroom in a recent post.

The Karndean arrived (thank you to the superfast service provided by Rebecca, of MPM Flooring   I was a bit embarrassed to ask her about it actually,  as they have fitted all the floors and carpets in our house, apart from the bamboo floor in the bathroom that we are now removing. As this was going to be a "supply only" request, I wasn't sure how they'd feel about it.  I needn't have worried, she was fab as always).

The new floor will be lower than the old floor, so there's a lot of messing about to be done. 

DH removed the skirting and architrave, and ordered new ones.   He started to cut out the old bamboo.  He cut out a couple of pieces that were large enough to form new side and end panels for the bath, just in case.  We evaluated the state of the hardboard underneath. When the first chunk of bamboo came up, the hardboard underneath looked in good shape.  However, it's a bit too thin really, so we decided we'd replace it all.   Then there was talk of what to do about the dodgy floorboards, should we do something about those while we're at it?...

Alongside this, we've discussed what to do about the sink pedestal?, which will be a smidge too tall.  The sink itself is fixed to the wall, and we don't really want to take it off to move it up a few mil.  Perhaps we could grind a bit off the pedestal?  Or take the pedestal out and put some sort of vanity unit underneath?  The pipes go from the sink straight down to the floor, so we have to do something.   We've visited a couple of bathroom shops, but these are all geared up for selling new suites, not for adapting existing.     The places that cater for adaptations don't tend to have showrooms,  and Internet pics can be so misleading.

We haven't made a decision yet.   Happily, we haven't fallen out about it yet, either. 

Is that a first?

I didn't take any pics befoe work started, as I was sure I'd have some already from when we did the inital renovations some 17 or so years ago.

I was wrong

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