Wednesday, 22 April 2015


We're very fortunate to live in an area which has many many acres (hectares) of parkland and woodland open to the public. Some of them require membership (or payment on the day), but many are free.

We've been visited Langley Parka couple of weeks ago. Many many years ago, I used to keep my horse very close to Langley Park and ride there every week, but I  haven't been back since we moved the horses so we could ride in Windsor Great Park instead.    It was fascinating to see how much was different and how much was the same,  walking around trying to find spots where particular happenings occurred.

I found the place where I fell off and my horse walked himself home;   and thep place where a stupid woman let her dogs of the leash and they were snapping and nipping around the horses feet.  One of the horses kicked out, and the woman screamed blue murder at us.  I can understand why she was upset, but we did try to explain that the horses were stressed by the nipping.

On foot, the park seemed huge.  On horseback, it seemed much smaller.


This week we went for a quick walk in the Valley Gardens, near Virginia Water.  It was wonderful.  Peaceful, pretty,  vast.  So pleasant to stroll.

We'd missed the sea of daffodills, but the blossom was out.

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