Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Take a Bow

I had another go at making bows by hand.   This time it worked much better,I still followed this video and I only made one layer. I have to say that satin ribbon (the bright pink bow)  and, even worse, organza (the lilac bow), aren't really the easiest things to work with.

I'm not sure two 10 year olds are going to appreciate the effort, lol.

One of the Twins is getting 2 pairs of earrings, the other is getting a home-made voucher for a sewing class or workshop of her choice.   I folded the voucher up and put it in a small box, but it looked a bit sad, especially considering Twin S has 2 boxes to open.

I had a brainwave, and went off in search of a little Origami book I'd found whilst excavating the bookshelves.  Thanks to my reorganisation, I found the book straight away.

It's now in the "charity shop" box, as the instructions weren't detailed enough for a klutz like me.    

Google, as my online friend Sybil might say, is my friend.  I searched for "easy origami" (coincidentally the title of the rejected book) and found quite a few allegedly easy pieces.  I chose a crown.     My first go worked well, but the resulting crown was too big for the box.  I quickly re-did the voucher so that I could cut the paper smaller, and my second attempt was just about right.  (Just in case you want to have a go, the instructions are here

I packed it all up before I thought of photographing it,  so here is a pic of the too-large version.
Again, I'm not sure that a 10 year old would particularly appreciate the thought behind it. Her mum might.

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