Monday, 7 March 2016

Embroidery success. I hope.

I haven't made anything with my machine for weeks.   I didn't even make Mothers Day cards,  I sent flowers instead (waste of time on one count as the courier failed to find the address).

Anyway, I wanted to make pencil cases for the Girls.  For some reason, no idea what, I've been putting off making pencil cases.  It's silly, as I have made lots of smaller fully lined cases.  Every time I get the urge, I end up not doing it.

Anyway. Again.  I decided to push the boat out and use an Embroidery Garden design.  I like Reena's cases. They are fully lined with no exposed seams.  There is a requirement to close a small turn-through opening at the end, but I use SteamASeam to do it, it's very easy.

I picked the size I wanted, sorted out my fabric, got started. Then I worked on some personalisation, did that, and continued.

I wanted them to be similar but different, so I did completely different personalisations.   I also chose the lining based on their interests.

I'm really pleased with the results. I hope they like them.

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