Thursday, 31 March 2016

On the bright side...

I was sorting out a box of fabric,   folding it and rolling the pieces onto boards.

One of the pieces was some bright, cartoon cat, fabric.  When I shook it out to fold it selvedge to selvedge,  I noticed that it was the perfect size for a tablecloth.I could just sew a rolled hem round the edge and use it as it was.  I could also fold it to make it into a table runner. 

I watched a couple of videos on how to use the rolled hem foot for my machine,  and then went upstairs to have a practice on a couple of bits of scrap fabric.

I couldn't find the presser foot holder.

It wasn't to be found anywhere.   I started to giggle.   If I hadn't moved everything upstairs, I wouldn't have lost it.  

There is a bright side.   I really wanted to get this hemming done,  so I retrieved my sewing-only machine from the floor in DH's study.  It's been there since the whole reorganisation thing started, weeks ago.  The plan was to have the megamachine at one end of my sewing table,  and this machine at the other end.   That wasy I'd have one machine set up for embroidery, and the other for sewing,  and I wouldn't have the excuse  faff of not sewing because I couldn't be bothered to change the foot holder on the megamachine.

That wasn't going to happen until I'd got a new, wider, desktop though and I'd actually been thinking that I might not bother at all.

Needs must, so I set the machine up,  did my tests while watching the videos,  and then did the tablecloth.   It was crude, but effective.

So I left the machine set up.

It also helped me make a decision on the new desk top,  so I've made some enquiries about that today!

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