Monday, 14 March 2016

Wash takes DH for a walk

Wash has come on in leaps and bounds (literally) with Jacky.

Over the last couple of days he's walked almost properly...and, briefly, properly....outside.   On Friday,  he was still falling over every so often, I suspect it was his way of protesting rather than a problem with Jacky.
On Saturday, he also did his first proper walk with it.   Instead of slinking along, he walked like a normal cat.

We were out in the garden, Wash had me on the lead.  He'd been slinking along and then fell over.  I fussed him, picked him up, and then suddenly he was off! He spied something the other side of some trellis.  I had to run walk quickly to keep up.  And then it was like that scene from ET, where the small Drew Barrymore sees ET, she screams, he screams.

Round the corner came the loopy Fay.  Wash, who I think had ben expecting a bird of somewhat more pounceable size,  was startled and jumped.   Fay,  who is loopy and does this exaggerated startled jump when she isn't startled at all,  did a massive jump, wings out, screeched like she had been stabbed.  Wash meowed in alarm, and made a run for it.

The good news is that he forgot all about Jacky, and was walking along happily, AND he had put weight on his damaged foot.


We went off for a long explore of the lavender.  This mostly involved me standing around waiting.


On Sunday,  Wash had me out in the garden in my dressing gown, with a coat over the top so I didn't scare the neighbours.    We had a mixture of slinking and walking, with the odd fall-over thrown in.

Later, Wash wanted to go out again. DH obliged,  I warned him that being taken out by Wash involved a lot of standing around waiting.  Again, we had a mix of slinking, walking, falling over.

Some time later, I remembered that they had gone out and wondered what had happened.  DH was sitting on a pile of bricks, patiently waiting for Wash who was sitting sunning himself in the middle of the lavender.

I went to get my camera, but then we had visitors and I didn't get a picture.

Eventually they came in, Wash was putting weight on his back leg again.

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