Saturday, 26 March 2016

In between makes

In between the mega reorganising, I had some cards to make... and DH made a special pressie for DS1's 40th birthday.

My dentist of 23 or so years is retiring.  He is a very kind man, and kept a completely straight face when I arrived holding a soft toy bunny when I first visited him.   At my last appointment it occurred to me that he must be getting to retirement age,  yet it was a bit of a shock to receive the letter before my next appointment.

I'll miss him.

It's DS1's 40th birthday.   He's doing the Marathon des Sables again this year,  and I found a good runner design to use...

I also made a label for our present, which DH made himself.  It's an egg shaped kaleidescope. The wood is amazing range of colours, as you can see from the three photos.

I've noticed that, quite often, where the woman is into embroidery/quilting/sewing, her partner is in to woodwork.     Every time I accompany DH to Axminster (the has-everything store for woodworkers, not the place in Devon) should get Janome (or whatever) to open up next to them,  that way both parties would be happy to browse for hours.  

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