Thursday, 10 March 2016

Goodnight Peter

I received a very sad email this evening.    As soon as I saw it in my inbox, it not being Christmas,  I knew what it was going to be.

Peter, a beautiful Dales boy, once mine, died today aged 28.

At Christmas he was fighting fit, winning competitions, looking stunning and looking too young to be in the Veteran classes.
Dear Hazel
It is with great sadness that Im letting you know our beautiful and beloved Pete died peacefully in my arms this afternoon. He had been ill for 3 weeks with an infection in his right knee and a subsequent bout of colitis We battled it daily and he was scheduled for surgery tomorrow but his blood count was dangerously low and I decided that it was just not fair at nearly 28 to put him through the procedure.
It has broken my heart and I will miss him enormously. He has been my once in a lifetime horse, loved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet or ride him. 4 weeks ago he was still fighting fit and hacking out loving life, and for that I am grateful.
We were both so lucky to have found our perfect match in each other.
With love
I bought Peter in 1996 after my previous pony, Pal, died.

Peter was so lucky that Karen agreed to take him on.

She was with him for many years,and she was kind enough to send me an update each Christmas, complete with pictures.   She was a perfect match for him,  much, much, better for him than I was.  

He was a very lucky boy.
Waterside Peter, 1988-2016, in 1988

Peter, in 2015 (not me riding)

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