Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lofty ambitions

I've spent the last five or so hours in the loft.  

I had accrued a pile of stuff to put in the loft,  I had decided that I would go through the enormous "pictures" box, and I had decided I would tackle the next un-excavated area.  I was keen, eager, ready. 

While I was up there I decided if I moved this, and got DH to raise that shelf, the pictures box could slide underneath.... and then I'd have a free space and we could move my grandmother's ornaments cabinet in there.  As that would be an almost permanent fixture, the box space behind should be stuff that I probably wouldn't need to open.

And so it began.

I went through boxes and boxes of stuff. The boxes themselves fell apart upon moving, so I went though countless new "bankers boxes".  I scribbled the detailed contents on each box, then photographed it... if I can decipher my scribbles, and if I have a few hours, I might even try and catalogue them in a spreadsheet.

The dead boxes got chucked through the loft hatch.  I crated up stuff that we no longer wanted that might be useful for the local animal shelter's next jumble,  and I bagged up stuff that was rubbish..or which annoyed me. (It's amazing how bits keep getting in the way, or falling over, or have to be moved and removed repeatedly until I've decided I don't care anymore and want to get rid!)

The box of pictures was a bit of a revelation.  Pictures I had long forgotten we owned.  Lots of framed cards Far Side, Fred,  which still made me giggle).   Lots of WInnie the Pooh sketches.  Lots of Beryl Cook framed cards.   

During a much needed break for a cup of tea, I retrieved a box of Beryl cook framed cards  from under my bed, and took that up to join the others in the box.   Some of the boxed ones made me laugh, and I wished I had somewhere to put them up. 

Eventually enough space was created, and I cleared a path so DH and I could get the cabinet in to position.  I broke a shelf.  I can't believe it. All these years, and I break a shelf.  

I loaded the boot of the car.   Taking it will be tomorrow's job.

And then, suddenly,  I ran out of steam.

Unusually for me, I didn't finish the area I was working on.  I really had had enough. 

I kicked the last empty box through the hatch, came downstairs,  and put the ladder away.

I collected the eggs. We had a full house and I wanted to take a photo.  I couldn't find my phone. 

DH rang it for me.   Sure enough, I'd left it in the loft.

Do you know, I almost left it there?!

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