Thursday, 31 March 2016

Just pick SOMETHING!!

I've got a list of sewing-related projects-that-I-want-to-do (SRPTIWTD) which is about an arm and a half long.   The problem with this is that, instead of getting on with one or other of them,  I sit and contemplate several and just don't make a decision.

What's worse, I see something and think "Ooh, I could make....."  and then I add a load of stuff to my stash and another SRPTIWTD to the list.

I'm the same with embroidery designs.  I@ve got lots that I'd like to stitch, I just can't pick.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Ikea, and I saw some lovely fleecy blankets,  great for baby blankets. I bought one to add to my stash, no recipient in mind,  and added it to my list of possible projects.  I also picked up a couple of white flannels, really thick and soft,  which would be ideal as a baby bib.  Another one.  And then I picked up a couple of clocks, as I had some ideas for clock faces. To be fair, that last one was already On The List, I just needed some clocks.

When I was organising the stash the other week,  I really really liked the flannel and the blanket.  So much that when I went to Ikea last week (to take some surplus bits back, and to get some more storage stuff),  I deliberately added more to my basket.

Also while organising the stash,  I rediscovered some fabric I had bought on a whim.  It was upholstery fabric, linen look. It was lovely.  It would make a wonderful table runner.  My mind started to whirl at the embroidery possibilities.    I then decided that the colour wasn't bright enough,  so I set about looking for the same sort of thing, but in colour.

Today the first batch arrived.   Burnt orange, lime green,  duck egg blue,  cranberry and a light grey.  Really, really lovely.    But I'd only bought a metre of each.  And I couldn't decide what to do.   I decided to wait,  until the, ahem,  rest of the purchases arrived.

Today I had a bit of a brainwave.   I could use some of the apron fabric (cotton drill?) as a backing,  and then make some "panels" out of the upholstery fabric, each one suitably embroidered, to make my table runner.  That would also enable me to use more than one colour,  and actually use less fabric.

I remembered that the apron fabric needed to be washed before use as it shrinks and runs.     I googled to see whether I should add detergent, and discovered that the recommendation is to overstitch the cut edges before washing, to avoid unravelling.    So,  I lugged the 3m of fabric upstairs, and got on with it.

It's in the washing machine now.

I can't make a decision on the panels until the, ahem, next batch of fabric arrives (at least I don't have to wait until the third batch arrives).   I just need to try and think about embroidery for the panels now.

I don't think I'm procrastinating.

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