Monday, 7 March 2016


I emptied the front bedroom yet again today.  This was stuff for the loft (which is now in boxes in the box room),  stuff for the animal shelter (in a crate on the landing),  stuff that will eventually go in the front bedroom when the floor is down (all over our bedroom), and several boxes of "oh I don't know!", also in our bedroom.

The mess in our bedroom is....annoying.  It's chaos. Really.  There are boxes piled on boxes everywhere, and boxes and stuff piled up in front of everything. 

It's driving me mad.No. It's not.  I knewit was going to be disorderly, and I knew how long it was likely to take.   It will be worth it.   It's temporary.  It won't be there for much longer.  3 more weeks at most. At least I have an excuse.

I needed to empty the front bedroom (how many times have I done that in the last few months!) as I wanted to paint the ceiling.  I knew I should have done it when I was painting the walls last week, but it looked OK. Honestly.

I was cursing it today.   I hadn't moved the iron bed or the enormous desk, and this meant it was difficult to get into a whole area of the room - even with my trusty Painstick.   Elsewhere, part of the bit that DH had filled and sanded caused all sorts of problems when I rollered over it.  My roller was covered in bits and I managed to roller said bits over other parts  of the ceiling.  A 5 minute job took me nearly an hour.  It looked horrible.

When it had dried, it didn't look quite so horrible.  There are horrible bits in it,  and these will need sanding, filling again, sanding again, and then repainting.  That'll get done in the next few days.

I've taken a break to make something for our twin granddaughters birthday. I've finished that now, so I'm updating my blog, then I'll have a cup of tea, and then I'll have run out of excuses.  I'll start moving the loft boxes into the loft.

It will all be done soon.

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