Friday, 4 March 2016

Second thoughts

After my last blog post I felt a bit sheepish.  I went out to the dustbin, retrieved the bag with all the painting rubbish in, and pulled out the roller frame thing.   I then set-to with my embroidery tweezers, which have curved ends , and are  fantastic. 

I failed to get the jcloth out.

I put the frame back in the bag, pleased that I had, at least, tried to sort it out.

I went and had a shower, washing the remaining paint stuff in the shower with me.


I was also having second thoughts about the colour.  Surprisingly, perhaps, it wasn't that I was wishing I'd chosen the yellow instead;  it was just that the morning sunlight was streaming in through the East facing window, and the result was almost dazzling.  Perhaps I should have chosen a much deeper colour, or a much darker colour, one which would absorb the light a bit.

Then I remembered that there were going to be bookcases along that wall, so the dazzling wouldn't happen.

I felt better.

DH had finished putting the radiator back, and he wanted to put the sub floor down in the box room.  Yay!    I hadn't expected him to start until the weekend.  I went to a nearby animal sanctuary to donate some items for their upcoming jumble sale.  My boot was full, mainly of books, but also a wide variety of other stuff. Some of it, I expect they'll jumble,   some will probably come in handy at the sanctuary.   On the way home I called it at the Range store and bought a few bits and pieces,  and I stopped at an M&S and bout myself some daffodils and the Dine-in-for-£10 offer.  I haven't done that for a long time, it was mainly the apple pie that made me do it. (And yes, I could have just bought an apple pie and saved myself a few pounds).

When I got home, he'd had a bit of a rethink due to the Elephant in the Room (EitR).  The EitR was Orla, my lovely organ.   We didn't have anywhere to move her to while I decorated, so she'd been covered with a dust sheet.   Plan (A) had been to move her out on to the landing while DH did the sub floor, then back in the room,  and then out again while he laid the flooring. 

DH had decided that he didn't really want to move Orla so much.  Plus, he'd carefully piled up 9 very heavy boxes of flooring outside the room, and these would have to be moved so Orla could get past.  So, instead, he laid the sub floor in part of the room,  then laid the flooring for that bit.  The idea was we could then put Orla back in her usual place,  and he could get on with the rest of the floor.   

The flooring looks lovely.  It goes really well with the blue-green of the walls.  Of course the phone camera is rubbish, it has once again washed out the colour of the walls.
camera has washed out the colour of the walls
 I'll have to find my proper camera and try again.

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