Saturday, 19 March 2016


A group of people who did a documentary about Thunderbirds went on to get Kickstarter backing to enable them to film 3 "new" eppisodes of Thunderbirds in Supermarionation, using only kit and techniques that were available when the original series was made.

You may remember that I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Thunderbirds1965 film set, to meet lots of the people involved in the production, and to watch some filming.

Well, the chaps were trying to raise some more money, the studio buildings will be demolished shortly, so they offered come last-chance-to-see guided tours.   I snapped up tickets, and five of us went along.

There were about 30 people on the tour and we were divided into 3 groups. Each group went off on a different route. The lovely man who took us round was so interesting, full of stories, tales, and snippets  and we got to see the stage sets, hold the puppets, touch the clothes, learn all about it all.

It really was F A B.

I remembered to take my proper camera and I took, literally, hundreds of pictures.

It was a really, really great way to spend a couple of hours.

I can't wait for our Thunderbirds1965 DVDs to arrive.

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