Wednesday, 23 March 2016


The work on the front bedroom and the box room is nearing completion. 

I've spent days... and I mean, literally, days, putting stuff away, a bit at a time, trying to work out the best way to organise everything.    It also included making some thread holders out of cork floor tiles and golf tees, for nearly 200 reels of embroidery thread.  Just the hammering in alone took....I don't know how long.  I had to do a bit a day over four days.

I won't bore you (or myself) recounting the minutae of decisions.  I will post pictures, when it's done.

Today I was trying to sort out the pile of unsorted fabric.  It took me 2 hours to refold it and wind it on to cards.

I had to do another Ikea trip,  with the added bonus of taking some stuff back!  Yay!    I've got some more stuff to go back, I think, but I'm waiting until it's all done before I do so.

The inner design of the wardrobe had to be done bit by bit, with my original painstakingly done (to scale, in a spreadsheet) design going out of the window somewhat. 

The wardrobe doors arrived yesterday, and DH fitted them.  He's amazing, he can turn his hand to anything.

Apare from yet more storage decisions,  and some Ebaying of redundant stuff,  there are two major things still to do: the new, wider,  desk top, which I can't order until we've cleared the room a bit and I am absolutely sure of the final dimensions;  and a sliding door cupboard for the wall (that's quite important, as it will impact the wall hanging stuff I need to do).

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