Thursday, 3 March 2016


Having had his bandage off for 5 days and being confined to his cage,  the Vet said we could let Wash out of his cage.  We checked with the Vet what this could and couldn't include, as we know what Wash is like.

On Monday night we let him go upstairs for the first time, and he spent forever exploring every inch of every open room.  Last night, Wednesday,  he got on the bed during the night.

He's still not really using his bad leg,  he scuttles around on 3 legs.  He's using his "bad paw" to scratch, and when he's standing he puts it against the ground.  Ocassionally we see him try to walk on it, but mostly its hoiked up while he scuttles.

He and Izzy have been playing chase,   he's been jumping on everything - every little leaf, feather,  bit of fluff,  legs under the covers,  everything.  He's so happy to not be confined to his cage anymore.

The cage is still up, just in case.  It also houses one of the two litter trays we have for the cats to use.

He's desperate to go outside, but that pleasure is several weeks away.

 I have ordered a cat jacket for him, so that we can take him outside, in the garden,  on a lead in a few weeks.  I've had a bad experience with a cat harness in the past,  so I don't trust them at all.  This particular jacket is hand made, and looks like it should work.   It'll take a while to get him used to it before we can risk him putting his paws on the ground in it (a lesson learned, sadly, from the cat harness experience many years ago).    That's why I've ordered one now, so we have plenty of time to get him used to it before he's able to go outside.

He now weighs just over 5kg.  I'm sure much of that will drop off when he finally gets to go outside and can start running up tree trunks and doing all those active things he's used to doing.

His fur is amazing and, apart from his dodgy rear leg, he is oozing good health and happiness.   The raw food diet, Nutriment,  is really suiting him well. 

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