Friday, 4 March 2016

Watching paint dry

I finished the first coat of paint by about 1.30 yesterday afternoon.  

Later in the afternoon I decided to check what the lapsed time was for next coat, so I had a peek on the Dulux website. 2-4 hours. Really?

It was 6.15pm, so I got changed back into my paint splattered clothes, and did the "final coat".

This morning I inspected, and did a bit of sanding and a final bit of painting.

I then dismantled all the painting gear that I'd used for the coloured paint. The roller head had been wrapped in clingfilm after every paint session for these two rooms, so this was the first time it had been washed. 

I use a Paintstick,  I have done for years, it really really works.    I looked at the paint sodden head and sighed.  I know how long it takes to get it properly clean so that the head can be reused.  I decided  that life was too short to wash the roller head, so I rinsed off some of the paint and put the head  in my rubbish bag.   (I had, after all, saved money by sticking to the original paint choice).

I then made a fatal error.  I was trying to rinse out the metal bracket thing that holds the head.  This too takes a while to clean because it is full of paint.   I pushed a small bit of J-cloth into the handle. It went all the way down to the bend, and then I realised I couldn't get it out.  


I tried with a screwdriver.  No chance, I just ended up with the piece of cloth even more firmly wedged.

I did a terrible thing.

Reader,  I put the handle in the rubbish!

I decided I'd just buy another new Paintstick if necessary.

That was an hour or so ago, and I am still smarting at the waste.

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