Saturday, 26 March 2016

Thread count

I know this will only be of interest to people who love fabric and thread,  or to people with a touch of OCD... but I don't know anyone to share it with, so I'm posting here: I finally finished the thread spool holders.

The threads are organised in Simthread number order,  with the additional (non Simthread) differently-numbered colours slotted next to their nearest matching colour.

I've almost got everything in the sewing areas put away.  I still need a new, wider, desktop;   I'm still waiting for the wall cabinet; and I need a small wardrobe pole so I can hang my zips in the cupboard.

I bought a new duvet and bed linen, and the room is looking lovely.

I moved my embroidery machine upstairs yesterday.  By the end of today I want to have cleared the table in the kitchen.  Ideally I would also like to have everything that doesn't belong in my bedroom, sorted and out of the bedroom.  That will leave just the box room (which has all the stuff that needs rehoming) to finish. 

Oh, and the landing to repaint and re-floor,  we have all the stuff for it we just need to get the appetite to do it.

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