Friday, 1 April 2016

Choir practice

The Girls have decided it's a good idea to have a chooky choir practice at about 5.45am each morning. They may be in the same choir, but they aren't singing the same song.

I've tried shutting them in the coop at night (which I know is normal for many people).   I don't like doing this.  Firstly,  some of them like to sleep, literally, hanging out of the coop door.   Secondly,  with  things still unresolved,  I don't like to have any of them shut in with no means of self protection or escape from another henpecking hen.  I can just imagine Poppy or Gloria waking up in a grump, and going for one of the youngsters.   On the nights (say, a Friday night or a Saturday night) when I shut the coop door ,   I sleep badly.

This morning, there weren't any planes so the Girls noise was really really loud.  I leapt out of bed threw open the window to try and shush them, and it was as effective as it always is - not at all.  I had to go outside and talk to them to get them to shut up.   I could see the downstairs lights on in my next door neighbours house, which was a bit of a shock.   I think she has triple glazing, so we're really fortunate that she doesn't hear the chooks (I do check with her, regularly).

I realised that the house 2 doors down, which is angled,  might be in a direct line for chooky noise.   I can see that I'm going to have to do some tests next time the girls start squawking.... but I'll try and do it during the day as I suspect a n old woman wandering alog the street in her dressing gown at 6am would be a bit of a cause for concern.

All was quiet, so I went back in, locked the door, went to the loo, went back to bed.

The little madams then  had another go at choir practice.

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