Monday, 30 August 2010


Delilah doesn't want to go in with the Big Girls.

Every time I shut them up (whether it is because I am popping out, or because it is bed time), she refuses to go in.  I end up having to corner her, catch her, and put her in.

Yesterday evening, she strolled in with the Little Girls but, as it was bedtime and they weren't very happy about it, I caught her and put her with the BGs.

This morning I had to go out, and she refused to go in the run. She strolled into the LG run.   Today I just shut her in.

I'm not sure whether its 
(a) because she's now bottom of the BG pecking order. and would rather be top of the LGs, or
(b) because the LGs are in the Walk in Run and she doesn't see why she should be relocated.

I'm really not sure which it is.

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