Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Next Step

We've been away for a few days, and our lovely neighbour, C, has been looking after the Garden Girls.

They've been OK, apart from when they need to go back into their runs.  It took 3 people to persuade them in one night.

We arrived home this afternoon, having decided that Tonight Is the Night for putting them together.

Everyone put themselves to bed, in the right coop.  We waited until it was completely dark, and then transposed the Big Girls from their green coop into the Little Girls' orange coop.   Initially there was a bit of stunned silence.

Then there was a bit of murmuring.   I moved the Grubs and a Glug into the run, so that there would be plenty of food and water stations in the morning.  The murmuring turned into a bit of squabbling.    I opened the roof to take a look.  Everyone was (pretty much) where they had been when I had put the Big Girls in.  Everyone looked innocent.  Delilah looked particularly innocent,  in that Butter Wouldn't Melt in My Beak kind of way, which immediately aroused  my suspicions.

I noticed that one of the Girls (Tilda or Custard, probably Tilda) was definitely in a bit of a corner. The other 3 Littles were in the other corner. Lily and Daisy were looking out of the doorway, and Milly was behind Delilah.

Delilah and Milly probably have the most to lose, so they are the ones that are likely to be troublemakers.   Despite being 18 to 18.5 weeks old, the Littlees still aren't standing their ground.

I think it'll be an early morning rising tomorrow, to let the all out to free range before any trouble starts.

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