Thursday, 19 August 2010

First time together

Today was the day.

Over the last few days I have occasionally let Delilah, or Delilah and Milly, into the Little Girls run with them;  and on one occasion, I swapped all the chooks over for a couple of hours.

Today I decided we'd let them free range together. 

I waited until after lunch, thinking they might be less antsy if they had had a morning's worth of eating and stuffing themselves.  Then I opened everything. I was trying to make siure there was no where that a Little could get cornered.  So, all gates were opened, the netting across the fruit cage removed,  and the two cubes had both ends opened.

The Little Girls ran into the Big Girls bit.  The Big Girls ran intothe Littlees' cube and starting scoffing, but staying in a gang.  The Littlees took it in turns to tiptoe past the Biggees.

We've had bouts of enraged squawrking,  and a number of vocal complaints.

It's too soon to tell really.

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