Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lily's frustration boils over

So, the Big Girls have their own (very large) netted free range area; the Little Girls have theirs. The two areas share one boundary in the middle, and the Girls can see (and reach) each other through it.

We were having dinner this evening, with the back door open so we can see into the garden.  There was a sudden noise, like wings flapping wildy,  and then I saw Lily in the Little Girls enclosure.  She had obviously had enough of something (although we're at a loss to know what) and, in her frustration, had managed to launch herself over the barrier and into Enemy Territory.

Once there, she started squawrking loudly and chasing the Littlees;  the Littlees were doing their best to get out of her way.  I jumped up (down?) from the table, rushed outside, and tried to catch Lily. No chance.  DH had to come and help, and it was a while before we managed to catch her, calm her down, and pop her back into her own half.

We have no idea what the Littlees had done to wind Lily up so much.  It reminded me of when the children were small and would do things to each other behind out backs, so that one of them got in trouble.

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