Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wet hens

For goodness sake!

Today started of dry, then we had some light rain, and then the light rain quickly got rather pelty.  I looked out of an upstairs window to see that the Big Girls (BGs) had spread themselves into both runs, and the poor little Girls (LGs) weren't able to get into either run.  

So. I put a jumper on. I don't know why, jumpers aren't exactly renowned for their water proof capabilities.  It just seemed the thing to do at the time. Anyway, I went out with some mealworms, to see if I could shut the BGs away, to give the LGs a bit of space.  

I managed to get 3 BGs in the LG run.  Then I got 3 LGs in the BGs run.  We were joined by Milly who, completely outnumbered and with me there, suddenly lost her desire to be a bit of chickeny monster.

The 3 LGs gobbled mealworms from my hand. Milly stood away, so I put some on the ground for her.   Roobarb ran up and down outside, unable to compute how to get to the mealworms.    In her panic, she rushed past the open door. She did pause, but saw Milly and carried on.

Many mealworms later, the BGs were creating a bit of fuss, mainly because they felt left out.   I stepped outside, followed by Milly,  and put some in the run for them.. Milly wouldn't come in. I shut her out, and we went back to the the other run.

I ran out of treats in the end, and I've left Milly in with the LGs.

I think I might try putting them all together tonight.  I wasn't going to do it this soon, but I can see that the free range area is just too big.  The LGs are trying to stay out of the BGs way,  and I can't see the situation getting resolved until they are together in slightly less space.

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