Thursday, 5 August 2010


We made Bockwurst sausages last week using our new, bigger, vertical sausage maker.   This week we ordered more belly and shoulder pork from the butcher, and today DH and DGS1 made 2 kilos of sausages - 1 kilo of garlic and herb, and 1 kilo of Cumberland mix.  The Garlic and Herb are lovely,  not very keen on the Cumberland.  We usually get our seasonings from Weschenfelder,  and I really like their Cumberland mix (we use it for norrmal sized sausages) but we bought some from this time.     I've ordered from Weschenfelder again now.

So, it'll be sausages for dinner.

A Salami kit fell in my basket while I was ordering from Weschenfelder today,  so we might be making Salami before long.....

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