Sunday, 22 August 2010

More than twice as long?

I was emptying the poo trays in both Cubes today.  How come it took me more than twice as long as when I only have 1 to do?

It started with Delilah occupying the Big Girls nestbox.  This was a surprise, as Delilah went through the henopause some time ago and hasn't laid for months.  So, I left her to it and went to do the Little Girls Cube (LGC).

I emptied the poo trays into a carrier bag, wiped the roosting bars,  and went into the house to get some newspaper.  When I came back, I found that the Cube was occupied...

He looked very comfortable, in spite of having a Lily roaming around underneath him, so I left him to it.

Back in the Big Girls Cube (BGC) I was able to empty the poo trays, as Delilah had wandered off.  She wandered back again before I had started to line them, so I left her to it.

I sat in the garden trying to take pics of the hens. They didn't want to be snapped.   So, I raked the ground where the LGC cube had been,  and moved the fencing so that it could stay moved.  As some of the fence posts had been hammered in, this took a while.

Delilah came out, so I rushed back to the BGC to line the poo trays, and to move the old nest box Aubiose to line them. I scooped the rest into a bucket to use in the LGC, in the hope that the smells would mingle a bit.   New Aubiose in the BGC,  and a quick snap of some photos of the LIttlees, who had congregated underneath. Underneath the Cube there are rubber chippings, which seem to work OK there.  Wouldn't want them in the whole of the run though.

I added Louse Powder to the BGC nestbox,  then went to see what the status of the LGC was.    Wash was enjoying himself, and posed for a few photos:

He showed no signs of getting bored, so I sat at the other end of the run trying to get some decent pics of Lily and Delilah, which I could cut out and use to frame my blog.

It didn't work.

Wash is a bit of a camera monkey though, so he came out....

..and then proceeded to sit on my lap (not recommended when on hard ground. Numb b*m!!) and be very cute.

I might post some more pics later.

In the end, he got off, got on to the Cube run and continued to own it.

I quickly finished doing the poo trays, put the back on,  and then went and picked some corn on the cob for my lunch. it's under the grill as I type.(Tastes at least as good as barbecued corn on the cob, and a lot less mess).


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