Thursday, 19 August 2010

Plums and Pears

Today we made Pear Cider.  Not perry, as we only had our own dessert pears  We used the cider method, just used the dessert pears instead.  Not expecting it to be great,  but it might be interesting.

The skins of a lot of our pears are "blighted",  but it's really only skin deep.  It meant we had to peel the pears though as, contrary to popular belief, you don't throw manky stuff into cider (unless you want to introduce all sorts of problems).

There are still a few, as yet unripe, pears on the tree,  and I'll be converting those into Pear Vodka. If I can beat the starlings to them.

I also picked a load of plums.   I made Prunelle,  which is currently sitting in the dark of the utility room, and it'll be a month before we can bottle it.   I also ate some,  and I put some on next door's doorstep along with some eggs.

I've also got a recipe for a Chinese style plum liqueur, but it requires Plum Wine.  I mentioned this to DH and he said "Didn't we make that one year?"   He dug around in the utility room, and came out with a bottle.    We realised that we must have read the recipe some time ago, saw that it needed plum wine and decided to make some.  And then we forgot about it.

I see that the Damsons (or Bullaces, not sure which) are also nearly ripe.  Hmm.   I might try Damson Vodka as well.

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