Thursday, 19 August 2010

Pumpkin and Maple Spread - Part 2

So, a couple of hours later, the pumpkin, maple syrup and honey mixture was apparently cooked.  In their recipe book Nick&Johnny said it was possible to store the pumpkin like this, but it was better blended.  They listed the uses ofthis marvellous confection,  so I blended it.

And then I potted it up.  All that stuff and it really did only make just over 3 pounds of product.  I was wincing as I bottled it up, thinking how sweet it smelled, and how sugary it would be (and this is from someone who occasionally as a treat eats condensed milk from a tin in the fridge).

As I bottled the last of it, I thought I had better try some. I put some on a teaspoon and braced myself.  It wasn't bad.  It was very sweet, but not at all sugary as I had feared. (Too sweet for friend Kevin though, I think).

I bet it would be even better if I used ordinary pumplin instead of Marmello.

I might try some on my toast this morning.

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